10 cute baby names that mean

10 cute baby names that mean

Names have an important influence on the life of its bearer. In fact, each name has a special meaning, and it can shape the character of its owner for the good or for the worse. For example, a person who is named Paulette tends to be courageous and faithful, which is reminiscent of the apostle Paul in the Bible.

Here are 10 cute baby names that mean "peace"

1. Frederick

Frederick is an English name; it denotes a "peaceful ruler". Quite often it is shortened into the nickname Freddie. The name is still popular in other countries and in the UK.

2. Tully

Tully is an Irish name, which derives from Tuathal. This name describes a peaceful being. The name is easy and pleasant to spell. It brings happiness too.

3. Pacifica

In Spanish, Pacifica is serenity and peace. The name represents calmness from the ocean and its blue color.

4. Pax

Pax is both a girl's name and a boy's name. Babies who are named Pax are peaceful in nature. The name Pax derives from the Roman goddess of peace, who promoted peace in Roman mythology.

5. Paloma

The name Paloma represents the dove of peace, the one which was sent by Noah after the flood and which came back with an olive branch.

6. Amenhotep

This name comes from the Egyptian name Ymnhtp. The name is suitable for baby boys to wish them to be filled with the peace of the Egyptian god Amon. Four Egyptian Pharaohs during the New Kingdom were equally named Ymnhtp.

7. Galen

Galen is suitable for either male or female babies. The name denotes a peaceful healer. The name was so popular in the 1940s. Nowadays, parents name their children Gael, which is a spun from the same name.

8. Wilfred

Wilfred comes from wil or wine and frid or fred. In the old English language, the word wine means friend, and frid means peace. The name derives from Saint Boniface, who served as a Christian missionary in the eighth century.

9. Salamon

Salamon comes from the name of King Solomon, the wisest king in the Bible. It is a Hungarian baby boy's name. Boys who are named Solomon are peaceful and wise and intelligent. They do well at school.

10. Paxton

In English, Paxton is similar to a peaceful town. The name implies that its bearer is a pacific leader of a town or of a group. The name has become more and more popular, and the letter ‘x' in the middle of the name makes it more attractive.

Another example of pacific name is the Hindi name Rawat, which is similar in meaning to "Raja". It symbolizes a caring person. That is probably why the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, has become devoted to sharing peace. Currently, he is giving peace education to people all over the world. Recently, in 2018, for example, he published a book entitled "When the Desert Blooms". This best-seller has helped millions of people retrieve hope and inner strength in life.