First names in reference to a man of peace

Photo First names in reference to a man of peace

A child's personality and psychology are influenced by their first name. If you want your child to be an actor of complete peace around him like Prem Rawat ( ) , or simply volunteer in organizations for world peace like the Prem Rawat Foundation, choose the first name which aspires peace. If you are looking for a baby name that has real meaning, there is no better promise for the future than this.

Here are 10 first names with wonderful symbolism around peace


A sweet and airy name that will delight parents looking for originality. The dove is a universal symbol of peace, but is also associated with purity and courage. In Roman mythology, it is the favorite bird of Venus, the goddess of love. The little doves are known to be charming, dreamy and passionate.


The olive tree is a tree loaded with strong symbolism: in ancient Greek culture, the olive branch is a sign of peace and hope. The associated name is just as poetic, and will be perfect for an intelligent and perseverant boy. We also love her feminine version, Olivia, which also has the advantage of being a most universal first name.


A rare and original name, which seduces us with its melodious sounds and its beautiful meaning: Alana is a Gaelic name which means "harmony", "justice". Little Alanas are often very creative, lively and full of imagination.


This Hebrew first name comes from the word "absalom", which means "father of peace". Very popular, it is currently the 27th most used name in France. Its advantage? Short and sound, it combines modernity and powerful symbolism.


It is a name which comes from the Greek "eirenè", peace. It is a name that is rare these days, but which seduces us with its somewhat retro originality and its symbolism.


In Hebrew, Noah means "rest", "appeasement". It is a sweet and powerful name at the same time, since it necessarily evokes the builder of the Ark, which according to the Book of Genesis, allowed humanity to survive the flood. Noahs are natural leaders, who never have to use force to be heard, caring and philosophical.


The name Paloma comes from the Latin word "palumba" which means "dove". It is actually a more international variant of the first name "Dove", and its popularity has exploded since the early 2000s. The Palomas are very sociable and are known for their adamant will.


A German given name, formed from the Germanic word "frido", peace, and from "rik", "the chief, the master": it means "the peaceful king". The Frederics are children with a strong character, natural leaders who combine curiosity, dynamism and loyalty.


This first name comes from Latin, "serenus", "calme". It is a name which had almost disappeared in France until 1950, but which has always remained very popular in the United States, Spain and Italy. We love the originality and the sweetness full of strength of this name, which we often associate with women of a fist but with the heart on the hand.


Liam is an Irish name that has become extremely popular because it is original, sweet and short. 35th most given name in France today, it means: "the people for me". It is a name that will be perfect for a very sociable, open and passionate little boy.